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        Beston expands Asia menu
        DATE:2016/1/20    VIEWS:427【BACK】

        BESTON Global Food Company has continued its expansion into Asia with a new marketing and distribution agreement for its range of products in Hong Kong, Macau and parts of southern China.
        Company chairman Dr Roger Sexton announced yesterday that Beston has entered a joint venture with distributor the Sunwah Group in Hong Kong and will become its main Australian seafood supplier..
        Dr Sexton said the new arrangements“filled a gap” in the company’s Asian distribution platform and will be extended to other food products.“We are strong in China and the ASEAN region with our own on-the-ground marketing and distribution teams, but we lacked a direct presence in Hong Kong and Macau,” Dr Sexton said.
        He said Sunwah was one of the largest importers and distributors of food in Hong Kong and Macau and had a longstanding specialisation in seafood products in the region.
        Since it was founded in 1957, Sunwah has built one of the world’s largest seafood empires,a vertically integrated operation and value chain that extends from the sea to table andservices hotels, supermarkets, theme parks and restaurants.
        Dr Sexton said that through its long established network of contracts in Hong Kong, BFC had carefully evaluated various companies before decided to enter a joint-venture with Sunwah.
        Sunwah Group chairman Dr Jonathon Choi said the company was pleased to have formed a formal association with Beston, as the joint venture recognised and capitalized on the relative strengths of the two companies.
        Beston shares closed at 51c yesterday, up from the listing price of 35c on August 28.