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        Mr.Benjamin Ding, Regional Managing Director of Beston Global Food BJ Visit
        DATE:2016/8/22    VIEWS:1661【BACK】
                                    Sign Strategy Agreement With You Pei Liang Pin Co.


                       Benjamin Ding was invited as VIP guest to give a speech on the 2016 Internet Plus Food Forum

        Mr. Ding on behalf of Beston Global Food Company signed the strategy agreement with Mr. Shi Qing Dong , CEO of You Pei Liang Pin Company.

        You Pei Liang Pin is the leading B2B fresh food supplying company in China.The company has 10k+ restaurants and chain stores customers in North China and reaches annual revenue 60 million AUD in 2015.

        On the 2016 Internet Plus Food Forum, You Pei Liang Pin announced the completion of Series A financing and got 25 million AUD to upgrade their system and logistics channels.

        Beston will provides high quality imported food to fulfill the You Pei Liang Pin’s high end customers’ requests. Two companies will cooperate on proving good products and service to the customers especially in Beijing and Tian Jin.

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